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Peter Birch Christensen is a certified fishing guide from Denmark’s sport fishing Association

Name: Peter Birch Christensen

Age: 43

Fishing for: Sea trout

Fishing method: Fly rod

Language skills: Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish and German to a limited extent.

Area: Limfjorden west

I’m a certified fishing guide from Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund and Outdoor Danmark.

I’ve fished since I was three and have experience with many species and methods. The first time I tried a fly rod, I was 13. This meeting with this type of fishing should prove to be highly defining for my life. For my part, the fly rod has brought friendships and great experiences in nature in both Denmark and abroad. The fly rod is my entry to adventures, skills as well as tranquility and introspection. The Limfjord offers huge opportunities for adventures, tranquility and introspection which is why I’m fond of visiting the fiord.

Hunting for the bright sea trout in the fiord is absorbing, and with the right strategy you can optimise your catching chances significantly. Nature, culture and history set the frame for angling from the coast in the Limfjord, and if you want to go into the fjord country, by all means contact me.

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