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Book a local guide and succeed with fishing in Limfjorden!

It takes both time and knowledge about where and how to fish in order to catch a fish. Therefore, it is a good idea to book a guide.

An experienced angler can help you get started so you will succeed. The guides have different talents regarding angling, knowledge of the areas, language skills and so on. However, they are all passionate anglers with a great understanding of the local area and angling in Limfjorden, and the Seatrout Limfjorden community.

In the following, you will be able to read about the different guides connected with the Seatrout Limfjorden community and thereby find the one most suited for you and your needs.

When contacting the guide, it is important that you describe yourself and your expectations, in order for the guide to plan your trip together in the best possible manner.

Booking and Payment

Seatrout Limfjorden views the guides as ambassadors for the local angling and an amazing opportunity for the anglers visiting Limfjorden. The price for a guide varies from guide to guide depending on the service offered. Seatrout Limfjorden has no part in the guides’ profit and payment is transferred directly to the guide.

The guides must meet the following criteria

  1. Distribute relevant information material regarding angling in Limfjorden, inform about activities for anglers, and the possibility to rent a boat and other offers provided by the community
  2. Inform about the compulsory fishing license and help buy it here
  3. Sell the guidebook “Angling in Limfjorden – a guide to seatrout angling”
  4. If the guide makes use of boat or kayak, they must be in a good condition and the demands from Maritime Authorities must be meet