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Gary Christensen is a certified angler guide with his own boat

Fish for: Havørred, sild, hornfisk, diverse fladfisk, makrel, fjæsing, sej og torsk.

Method:  Boat, throw/fly fishing

Language skills: Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish and German 

Area: The eastern parts of the Limfjord from Hals/Egense to Nibe/Halkær.

I’m born and raised in northern Jutland with the Limfjord on my doorstep.  I fish both from the coast and from a boat on the Limfjord - and everywhere else when I get the chance. In the Limfjord, my primary target is sea trout but on the open coast, I’ll fish for any species.

I’m offering to take up to 3 guests on a fishing trip from Egense in my Alaska 500 with front cuddy and a 60 HP outboard motor where you can move quickly to a new site to find the fish. The boat is equipped with a Fishfinder, etc. to help you fish more efficiently. You can let fishing tackle to match the fishing. 

I’m also a guide for underwater hunting.

Read more about how to book me as a guide with or without a boat here: