Frederik Frederiksen is a certified fishing guide

Fishing forAll species, but especially sea trout

Fishing method: Spin and a fly fishing

Language skills: Danish, English, Swedish, German and a little Norwegian

AreaThe westernmost part of the Limfjord and especially Mors and Thy


Phone +45 3143 1931 




The angler's guide in Thy - Fishing Thyland

Frederik is the owner of Fishing Thyland, a guide service that offers guiding to catch many species - primarily sea trout. With over 30 years of experience in the Limfjord, he has a lot of sea trout on his conscience, and having grown up on the island Mors, he knows all the good spots. If you want to come along on a fishing trip but don't have the gear, Frederik has gear to lent, as well as experience guiding - he is a trained guide from Sweden.

At Fishing Thyland you always get professional help to develop your fishing, get started or simply have a fantastic experience at the water!

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