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Book an angler as a guide

Jesper Appel is a certified angler guide with his own boat

Fish for: Mainly seatrouts, underwater fishing for lobster and seatrouts
Method: Trolling and throw fishing from boat and underwater spearfishing
Language skills: Danish, English, and German

Area: The entire Limfjord from Løgstør to Thyborøn. Best known in the waters around Mors

We offer guided fishing trips on the Limfjord on our 2 specially equipped boats, each approved for 6 persons. We have detailed knowledge of fishing in the Limfjord, and our guides are ready to help you crack the code to fishing. 

If you need overnight accommodation, we also have a summer cottage sleeping 6 persons at Skarum on Mors (including access to kayaks). The cottage has been certified as angler-friendly by Havørred Limfjorden. Click to book the summer cottage

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