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Tore Mogensen is a certified fishing guide with his own boat.

Fishing for: Sea trout is the absolute focus of the fishery, but we can also organize trips where UV hunting for lobster and collecting oysters possibly.

Fishing method: Primarily cast fishing (fly and / or spin) from the boat's fishing platforms, possibly. supplemented by wading at lunch break.

Language skills: Danish, English, Norwegian / Swedish and a little German

Area: Limfjord in the middle & south

Fishing is done from a fishing machine targeted at active spin / fly fishing. Our new Ranger 1682 WT is equipped with the best electronics on the market, front-mounted electric motor and 115HP motor. This makes the trip efficient and comfortable. The experience with fishing in the Limfjord has been built up through many years of fishing from both the land and water side.

The Limfjord is particularly suitable for fishing from a boat because of its the many bays, coves and islands that can be covered from a boat much faster than the alternative on foot. In addition, fishing from a boat and spending a whole day on the water in the hunt for sea trout is a special and scenic experience you as a light fisherman must try. In the event of a change in weather conditions along the way, a boat also provides optimal opportunities to seek shelter or seek out the fish on the windward side, depending on what is needed.

In addition to a proper guide to fish and fishing spots, a trip with us will be a culinary experience, where something special is made from the included meals (included in the price) and where - with the guest's approval - a catch & cook experience can also be made of a possible catch during the trip.

For fly fishermen there is room for 2 on board and for spin 3 guests can be included. Spin fishing gear can be borrowed free of charge, if desired.

Take a closer look at, where a trip with us is described in more detail with photos, trip details, contact details and prices. On this website you will also be able to find out what IntoBlue can offer in terms of experiences in the Limfjord and some of the surrounding waters. We can also be contacted directly by phone

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