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Plan your fishing trip to Limfjorden

Use the interactive map as a tool to plan your trip. Here, almost, all relevant information is gathered.

The top of the map will allow you to turn different layers on and off, depending on what you are interested in.

In total, 100 fishing spots with parking options are shown on the map, and when you click on the spot, you will receive relevant information regarding that given spot. If you click on one of the parking options, it will open in google maps and the GPS will lead you there. The spot is marked with (symbol). The green symbols indicate that the spot is great for catching seatrouts during the given period of time. The white symbols indicate that the spot is not suited for seatrout fishing during that season.

There are of course many spots along Limfjorden, which make it possible for you to experience on your own and find your own favorite spot.

You can either pick a road map or an aerial view as the background. It is also possible to see the depth curves.