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Harbors and piers

The man-made stone reefs by the harbors and piers inhabit many of the seatrouts’ prey, which means there are often fish to catch here. In addition to seatrouts, you will be able to catch herrings, garfish, flatfish, and more from the piers.

Moreover, the sea is always accessible here, no matter the direction of the wind you will be able to fish due to the deep water and the shelter created by the piers. The deep water makes the harbors and piers suitable for children and beginners in angling because you do not need to wade to reach the fish. It is most suitable for lure and still angling, but the vegetation on the piers’ stone sets often attract mullets, so a fly rod, or a float and bread can come in handy. From most harbors, it is possible to put a boat in the water, which obviously opens up other angling opportunities.