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The Limfjord Council

The Limfjord Council is a political forum consisting of representatives from the 18 municipalities in the Limfjord's catchment area. The Council was formed in 1997 with the overall purpose of creating a clean and sustainable Limfjord. Identification, coordination and management of environmental initiatives that benefit nature, with all that it entails, are essential work areas for the Limfjord Council. You can follow the work of the Limfjord Council here. 

Efforts are important!

The Limfjord Council knows that water environment efforts around the Limfjord are important for other disciplines (e.g. plan, tourism, etc.) and will initiate initiatives and enter into larger inspirational communities to ensure the greatest possible value creation. Therefore, we have incorporated the following into the Limfjord Council's strategy paper:

"The Limfjord Council is, in decisions and actions, first and foremost focused on a clean and sustainable Limfjord".

"The Limfjord needs to be a driver in a tourism collaboration!"