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Water temperature between 6-16 Degrees Celsius

Fishing for seatrouts is generally best when the water temperature is between 6-16 degrees Celsius. This is also what makes spring and fall the best months for fishing at the spots.

Fishing when the water is cold:
During winter time, when the water is cold (below 6 degrees Celsius), the fish’s need for food has declined drastically and that makes it harder to make them bite. The seatrouts often seek areas with a supply of fresh water, which causes less salinity in the water and often equals warmer temperatures. This makes it less challenging for them to regulate their salt balance. By fishing in areas with a supply of fresh water, you also increase your chances of catching fish in the coldest months. Some people actually have great experiences with fishing when the ice breaks.

Fishing when the water is warm:
When the temperature in the fjord approaches 20 degrees Celsius, the seatrouts usually swim to deeper areas with colder water and a fresh current. The Limfjord has many spots that meet those criteria, which is where you should fish during the warm summer months. A fresh northwestern wind sends a cooler current into the fjord, which can awaken the lazy summer trouts. However, summer and early fall months are also where the majority of trouts migrate up the different streams to spawn. Because of the Limfjord’s amazing streams and rivers, it causes an enormous migration of seatrouts. It takes a bit of luck and skill, but if you are lucky to catch them on the right day; you can experience an amazing day of fishing, even though summer is supposedly low season.