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Use lightweight tackle when fishing in Limfjorden

Most often, the fishing in the Limfjord is in shallow water and for shy fish. Therefore, lightweight gear is preferred.

Recommendation for Lures:
Many people use small lures of 4-12 grams, which floats nicely. A spinning lure can also be the right choice for trout who are visible but hard to get to bite. The spinner can be used in shallow water and it creates pressure waves.

Recommendation for Flies:
Fly rod in classes 5-6 are sufficient for the Limfjord coasts and a long snood is necessary. Approximately one and a half rod-length, depending on which type of snood you are using. A floating line is recommended for the vast majority of spots, but for the spots with deeper waters and current, an intermediate or sinking line is recommended. In addition to the usual imitations of amphipods, shrimps, cuttings, and bristle worms, it may be a big hit to have small foam beetles in the fly box when you see the fish break the surface in quiet weather, or on a hot summer evening where the trout come close to land, to hunt their prey.