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Fishing during winter in Limfjorden

Winter in the Limfjord also offers opportunities for catching seatrouts. The seatrouts that for one reason or another did not migrate up the streams to spawn, are caught shiny and glossy.

As the water gets colder, the seatrouts will migrate towards areas in the fjord with a lower salinity, because the combination of cold- and salty water makes it difficult for the fish to regulate their salt balance (osmoregulation). Compared to many other Danish fjords, large parts of the Limfjord has a high salinity as it is supplied by a large quantity of water, with a high concentration of salt, from the North Sea.

The best fishing spots during winter
The best places for fishing during the winter is most often those spots where freshwater is supplied from the streams and beaks. However, keep in mind that many streams have a protection belt around the outlet where you cannot fish. Also, colored fish are protected and must be released again. Read more about protection here.

When the temperature drops, the seatrouts metabolism does too and it does not have to eat that much. This might make it hard to get it to bite, but a glossy seatrout that did not spawn the given year is the ultimate catch, as it is in great shape and tastes amazing.