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Summer fishing in Limfjorden 

Summer is not high season for fishing seatrouts in Limfjorden, however, the summers in Denmark are not always warm, and if that is the case – you can fish all through summer.

Summer usually means warmer water and low concentrations of oxygen, or oxygen depletion, in parts of the Limfjord. It that case, the seatrouts seek towards deeper and cooler waters, and places with grave water turnover. That is also why you usually find the seatrouts at fishing spots with deep water and current during the summer. However, the Danish summer is not always that hot, which sometimes makes it possible to fish throughout the entire summer. During summer, the seatrouts also start their migration to the streams where they spawn during fall or winter. That is why you can experience some amazing angling days on migrating fish during summer, it is however difficult to determine when and where those days are. If the conditions in the fjord are bad, it is a good idea to search for the fish down the many rivers and streams that run to Limfjorden (LINK).

The garfish that come to the fjord during spring can also be caught throughout the summer.

During the summer, you can also catch mullets that come during spring. The mullets arrive around May and stay until fall. Fishing for mullets is extremely exciting because you are going for a visible fish that weighs around 1,5-4 kilograms. Mullets are known for putting up a fight, which is also what makes them delicious.