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Mackerel in the Limfjorden

The mackerel is commonly known on the east- and west coast, and rarely in the Limfjord. The mackerel is a migrating fish and it comes to Denmark during the end of spring to spawn. Mackerels stay in open waters where they hunt in large shoals.

The mackerel is popular on the west coast’s many piers, groynes, and harbors. On the east coast, it is good to fish near Hals. When the mackerels arrive in June/July, the spots are filled with hundreds of anglers. Fishing for mackerel calls for a bait rig (also known as Sabiki rig), consisting of 4-6 hooks and a lure at the end for weight, or with floats and pieces of herring. The latter is best for fishing during the day, whereas the first method is often best during morning and evening.

The minimum length for a mackerel is 30 cm in the Limfjord, and 20 in Skagerrak and Kattegat.