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Herring in the Limfjord

Herring is common in all of Denmark. In he Limfjord, fishing for herrings is best around March and April, when the large shoals come into the fjord, and then again in October and November.

The herring is pelagic and uses the entire water column. They will often be in deeper water during the day, than during night.

Herring is the only fish In Limfjorden which is still caught for commercial fishing. Fishing for herrings has the potential to gather a large number of anglers, and it is like a festival when hundreds of anglers gather on the most popular spots at Nørresundby Harbor, in Aggersund, Virksund, and Oddesund, to name a few.

You fish for herrings with a snood, consisting of 4-6 hooks, a lure at the end for weight, and then drag the snood into the water column. It can happen that seatrouts are attracted by the lure.

The minimum length for herrings are 20 cm in the Limfjord and 18 cm in Skagerrak and Kattegat.