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The flat eelgrass coasts

The coastal type is very common in Limfjorden and at first glance, many will probably think that the spots are uniform and boring. What the spots might lack in charm, they make up for it the large quantity of fish.

After having almost disappeared, the eelgrass is fortunately on its way back and its presence has a grave importance for the ecosystem in the Limfjord.
Eelgrass meadows are the habitat for the seatrouts’ prey

The seatrouts often hunt on or near this particular coastal type.
It is best to fish on the edges of the eelgrass patches or where there are holes in the stands.
There are days where angling by these coastal types are next to impossible due to leaves that float on the water surface. This problem occurs when the wind is blowing onto the shore. At low tide, it might be necessary to wade out into less shallow water because the eelgrass can float right at the surface of the water.