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Strong current

There are many coastal spots with a strong current in Limfjorden. Both in the narrow Langerak east, and in the central and western part of the Limfjord. By the Limfjord’s outlet in Kattegat, there some unbelievably exciting tidal turrets, which can offer some very special angling.

Spots with a strong current are great during summer
Many of the spots with a strong current also have deeper waters, and those two factors combined makes for a very good fishing spot during the summer, since that means colder water with more oxygen. In several spots in the Limfjord, the current acts as a funnel, which puts you in arms reach of the fish. Experience shows that fishing is best around the water shifts, when the current changes.

The fish usually stay in the place between the low water and the deep water with a strong current – that enables them to hunt for their prey whilst easily being able to find shelter from the current, so do not go all the way out to the edge.

Fish with heavy bait in spots with a strong current
The bait needs to go down into the water in order to fish efficiently. Some anglers use 21-24 grams or a sinking bombarda float to go in the water. If you fly fish, it will most likely be necessary with an intermediate or sinking line – possibly with a weighted fly at the end of the rod. If necessary, shorten the snood to approx. one-rod length in order to make the fly go faster into the water. If the current is very strong, it will be like fishing in a river, and in that case, it might be necessary to place your throws up towards the current in order to get the baits into the water.